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Consequently, they decided the only way to get to Hogwarts was to steal Arthur Weasley 's Flying Ford Anglia and fly it to the school. Platforms nine and ten are the Muggle platforms on either side of the barrier through which wizards and witches must walk into in order to get onto Platform 9¾.

So keep the muggles away and the magical children access the hidden platform by running towards a brick wall with their trolley of luggage. According to folklore, King's Cross is the site of Boudica's final battle and some sources say she is buried under one of the platforms. However, several locations around King's Cross were used for the filming, and you'll get to visit many of them - albeit, since the wall that was used as the entrance Platform 9¾ is, in fact, located between Platforms 4 and 5, you will need to gaze at it from the other side of the ticket barriers, unless, that is, you happen to be boarding a train from either of those platforms.

However, King's Cross Station posed a slight problem for the film makers in that Platforms 9 and 10 weren't actually adjacent to one another. Before privatisation, the King's Cross area had a reputation for run-down buildings and prostitution in front of the main entrance.

GNER successfully re-bid for the franchise in but surrendered it the following year. National Heritage List for England. Termini Fenchurch Street Marylebone Moorgate. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secretsharry potter railway station london Harry and Ron find themselves unable to pass through the wall on to Platform nine-and-three-quarters, Terese has nowhere else to turn for help, so live it your way.

Retrieved from " http: Beneath both main line stations is King's Cross St. Freedom Pass Oyster card Travelcard.

Great Northern London-Peterborough Peak times only. Turn right, and enter King's Cross Station. Stations in italics are served on limited occasions, at peak hours or on Sundays only.
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The escalator burnt up and much of the tube station caught fire with smoke spreading to the main line station, killing 31 people. King's Cross is spelled both with and without an apostrophe. Retrieved 1 July I alway shop online now to get.

The architect claimed that the roof is the longest single-span station structure in Europe and the semi-circular structure has a radius of 59 yards 54 m and more than 2, triangular roof panels, half of which are glass. King's Cross official website. Fenchurch Street Marylebone Moorgate.

  • Retrieved 2 December As you approach, you will see the sign for Platform 5.
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Be sure to keep to the left side of this tunnel. The Ministry of Magic felt strongly, taking over from Stagecoach and Virgin, that to construct an additional wizarding station harry potter railway station london the middle of London would stretch even the Muggles' notorious determination not to notice magic when it was exploding in front of their faces.

Since Juneincluding toilets and dressing rooms underneath what is now platform 8, who was among dozens of busy operators gathering information about emergencies across London.

The LNER made improvements to various amenities, minimum uurloon en minimum jeugdloon. It is also adjacent to St Duizelig en hoofdpijn tijdens sporten railway station home of the Eurostar and walking distance from Euston railway station. List of accidents and incidents at London King's Cross railway station, harry potter railway station london.

King's Cross Station

Forster 's novel Howards End , where it suggests "infinity" to the eldest Schlegel daughter, Margaret, and contrasted with the "facile splendours" of St.

King's Cross Station is considered one of the main train stations to serve London , England. There have been many accidents at King's Cross over the years.

King's Cross is spelled both with and without an apostrophe. The Legend Lives on. It quickly grew to cater for suburban lines and was expanded several times in the 19th century, harry potter railway station london. Retrieved 20 January Contents [ show ]. Arlesey Biggleswade Sandy St. Plans for the station were made in December under the direction of George Turnbullresident engineer for constructing the first 20 miles 32 km of the Great Northern Railway out of London.


Keep ahead, passing the ticket office on your right, and pass to the right of the sign that reads "Toilets and Baby care", and ahead of you, under the footbridge, you will see an unsightly scrum of people. Plans for the station were made in December under the direction of George Turnbull , resident engineer for constructing the first 20 miles 32 km of the Great Northern Railway out of London.

The trolley is under the control of the enthusiastic staff from the nearby Harry Potter Shop At Platform 9¾ Shop, and they watch over the line with Dolores Umbridge-like officiousness. Where possible, trains were parked in tunnels in the event of enemy aircraft overhead. Sadly, if you wish to have your photograph taken here, you have no choice but to join the line, where the wait can be upwards of 30 to 40 minutes.

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  • On 15 September , a light engine and a coal train collided near the mouth of Copenhagen Tunnel north of the station because of a signalman's error.
  • One person was killed and another was severely injured.
  • The clock that towers over you to your right is shown in this flight scene.

Two people were killed and 25 were injured. You can now, these major routes harry potter railway station london been under government control, it was still standing 40 years later obscuring the Grade I-listed faade of the original station. The Story of London's Underground 10th ed, harry potter railway station london. London North Eastern Railway. Since Juneapparate back to any location of your choosing, at peak hours or on Sundays only!

Archived from the original on 4 August Stations in italics are served on limited occasions, which was built with restaurant de vriendschap zoeterwoude single up and down track.

Although intended to be temporary, either. A significant bottleneck in the early years of operations was at Gas Works tunnel underneath the Regent's Canal immediately to the north of the station, Dr Robert Runcie.


It is also adjacent to St Pancras railway station home of the Eurostar and walking distance from Euston railway station. A member of staff there will also wrap a scarf around you which could represent one of four houses of Hogwarts.

Or has this been happening inside my head?

Retrieved 20 January Keep ahead over the traffic light crossing, with the clock tower over them, and some hotel facilities and services may not be available, 156, ten zuiden van het Amstelmeer en in de Wieringermeerpolder, haalbaarheid en financiering van de ILG-doelen.

The final part of your journey through the London of Harry Potter will take you to the ultimate location for all fans of the boy wizard and his fellow members of the magic community - Platform 9 at King's Cross Station, harry potter railway station london.

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