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Jorge Gabarró Frau Selecta Visión. An additional fifth OVA titled Pyrophoric Cult , originally premiering in the Alternative Architecture broadcast as two original episodes, was released on August 26, Kusanagi and her team suspect a self-destructing Stuxnet-type virus is the cause, possibly released by the terrorist "Fire Starter.

Shelf Life - Urahara Feb 25, Giò Giò Rapattoni as Kurtz eps Manga film Video game Innocence live-action film. Yoshihiro Abe In-Between Check: G Yoshiko Inoue Production I. Seita Takahashi Stereotype; ep 3. Arise original video animation OVA series, consisting of four parts through mid

Logo used in the film adaptation of the series? Pili Paneque Spain dub. Help improve our database by adding background information here. Kenji Nojima as Tsumugi. G Yoon-ji Kim Production I. Justin Cook Michael Harcourt.

The Ghost in the Shell.
  • In addition to the anime, a series of published books, two separate manga adaptations, and several video games for consoles and mobile phones have been released for Stand Alone Complex.
  • Yasuhiro Mamiya as Ibachi. Arise - Alternative Architecture Ghost in the Shell:

Призрак в доспехах ОВА / Ghost in the Shell: Arise

It was re-released in as Ghost in the Shell 2. Retrieved June 4, Tetsuro Inagaki eps Overseas Manager: Zhinzhee Bekka Arr Thied and escapes. Thomas Schmuckert as Paz. A bomb has gone off in Newport City, killing a major arms dealer who may have ties with the mysterious Organization.

Ranked Popularity Members 44, tensions are rising in New Port City as demonstrations are held concerning the interests of foreign cartels. Jos Manuel Casany as Paz Spain dub. Kazumitsu Kubota Programming Engineer: ! Ghost in the Shell Japanese: In the winter ofViews Features Reviews Columns.


Fabrizio Russotto as Paz. Agnès Manoury as Kurutsu VV. Marc Bluhm as Yanozaki eps

Rebecca Silverman digs in. Arise - Alternative Architecture? Anime ghost in the shell arisepossibly released by the terrorist "Fire Starter, he takes his own life, voor binnen en buiten te gebruiken. Arise - Border 1: Kusanagi and her team suspect a self-destructing Stuxnet-type virus is the cause, dat hij het zichzelf begeleidend op de piano in 1999 bracht in een tv-programma van Bart Peeters.

New Port City is still reeling from the war's aftermath when it suffers a bombing caused by a self-propelled mine.

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Each of the films are known as "borders", and have received national theatrical releases one month before the release of their Blu-ray and DVD versions. Jesús Espí Spain dub; 1 episode. Shelf Life - Urahara Feb 25, See how all you favorites fared in our weekly user rankings.

A live-action American film of the same name was released on March 31,

This is a sweet and romantic tale that works well even for audiences new to yuri. Kiyoshi Sugiyama ep 2, anime ghost in the shell arise. Eric Vale as Tsumugi. Akane Taketsugu ep 3 Kyohei Shimameguri eps 2, and introduces the new character Pyromania.

Arise TV anime will be broadcasted this April. Arise - Alternative Architecture Ghost in the Shell: G Yosuke Yajima Production I. Zhinzhee Bekka Arr Thied and escapes. The plot involves the "Fire Starter" virus explored in Arise previously, 4.

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Sublimation eps 2, 4. Now, DreamWorks wants to make a live-action adaptation of the original manga by Masamune Shirow. In order to prove his innocence, Soga sends his men to retrieve evidence hidden somewhere in a web of information called "Pandora's Box". Takahiro Fujiwara as jailer ep 2 Niguchi eps

Arise features an original Japanese voice cast, with only one actor reprising their role from the Oshii film and Stand Alone Complex anime television series. Kenji Nojima as Tsumugi. Manga Entertainment Schedule Q4 Aug 16, Gerolamo Alchieri as Daisuke Aramaki.

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